Lifestyle Pool & Sauna

Due to Alberta Government COVID-19 Restrictions our Lifestyle Pool & Sauna are closed until further notice.

Relax in our lifestyle pool & sauna

Hot Tub

Cold Pool

Cedar Steamless Sauna

Cold Shower

Lounge Space

Drop-in and Monthly Rates

Adult Drop-In

One Hour Private Booking

Up to 4 People

Adult Month Membership

Up to 3 x 60-minute bookings per week


Youth Athlete Drop-In

For youths ages 14-20 years

Up to 4 people (from same cohort)

60 minute private booking

Youth Athlete Monthly Membership

For youths ages 14-20 years

Up to 3 x 60 minute private booking per week



Sports Spa

Group of up to 12 athletes (from the same cohort/team)

60 minutes private booking

15 minutes private salt cave access

Call to Book 780-343-9688

Elegance Escape

60 minutes pool access

30 minutes salt cave access

30 minutes cocoon pod

Call to Book 780-343-9688