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Botox® & JUVEDERM® Treatments


Botox® & JUVEDERM® Treatments


FREE Consultation required for all new patients.


Elegance 719 is proud to offer professional Botox® treatments administered by Registered Nurse, Natasha Chapdelaine.

  • Long lasting results

  • Reduce Migraine Pain

  • Youthful appearance

Botox® injections are noted primarily for the ability to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. They’re also used to treat conditions such as neck spasms (cervical dystonia), excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), an overactive bladder and lazy eye. Botox®injections may also help prevent chronic migraines.


Elegance 719 is proud to offer professional JUVEDERM®treatments administered by Registered Nurse, Natasha Chapdelaine.

  • Long lasting youthful results

  • Lift and sculpt skin

  • Plump lips

JUVEDERM® is the number 1 doctor recommended facial filler in Canada! Learn how you can rejuvenate lips, wrinkles or face at any age or stage in your life.

Took our girls for their first pedicure and they had an ammmmazing time! They even got to go check out the kids salt room and they loved it! Would most definitely recommend! Not only did we have fun, but it’s run/owned by amazing people that give back so much to the community.

Jessica Szydlik

Vikki done a great job with my hair, and Sheena as always awesome job with my nails. The staff at the spa are friendly and sociable and you get treated with respect.

Vicky Charlton Traub

Very professional staff and cost effective services. Really enjoyed our relaxing session in the cocoons and the salt cave!! !! Excellent – Will be visiting again soon

Laura Helton Sheplawy

Beautiful spot and fabulous services 👍🏼Went to the salt cave, pods, and for a pedi for a fun little spa day with my girlfriend. Highly recommend.

Alyza Evans

Amazing customer care!! My 3 year old sat in the car and had his hair cut today. First time
I haven’t had to have him sit on my lap! The staff helped keep him distracted and were so sweet and engaging with him. I highly recommend to everyone!!! Thank you all

Katie Bouchard

We went in for a tour of the Spa and decided to try out the Salt rooms “halotherapy”.. what a neat experience . Very relaxing and calming environment and all the staff were so kind, And they offer a large variety of services

Candace Taylor

Saw Laurie last night for a cut and colour. She did a great job matching my natural colour and being confident to add in the bright colors I love. After she even took me on a tour of the spa which is gorgeous!

My biggest worry with booking at the new spa in town was that it was too high class for me. I’m a hoodie and leggings kind of person and I worried I would feel out of place. But they aren’t intimidating at all. The staff was so nice and welcoming!

I can’t wait for my next appointment with Laurie, and am making plans for some other services!

Ky Hartman

Clean and welcoming atmosphere. Love that you can book through the app last minute (MindBody) and they have long and late hours. Got a lash lift and tint done and experienced my first time sugaring my legs which was great! I asked about their salt cavern rooms and they gladly even showed them to me. Looking forward to experiencing more services there.

Victoria Guettinger

Elegance 719 is amazing, I took my kids to have their hair coloured, they used a shampoo and conditioner that took about 5 minutes to apply and wash out. My children still have bright vibrant coloured hair and have washed their hair many times since. The staff is extremely friendly, and great with children. Picture is my daughters hair after washing it 3 times. its still quiet vibrant.

Charlton Ally

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Book a treatment between November 7th and December 15th and receive 10-15% off

Due to the variety of treatment options please inquire for prices.